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We’re a legal entity operating under correct financial laws and jurisdictions. What gave birth to our company is basically the high demand of faster returns from crypto exchanges in APY investment packages. There are numerous exchanges and trading platforms which offer users some percentages on investment with the only option being that this funds is accessible only after one year. We at Rarionance have figured out that it is actually possible to make those returns faster for individual and company investors, through proven means generally accepted and plain to everyone in crypto market. Our aim is to make sure that the vast volatility in profits and margins of crypto gain are being shared equally by everyone in the crypto market. In as much as there are Dips and Pumps in the crypto world, Trading exchanges makes even more profits from general crypto users activities. this profits are enough to pay you higher percentages in profits for your APY investments. But they choose to leave it at one year even at a smaller portion of massive gained profits from your investment. We have a strong vision and a rare finance determination to make everyone profit from investing into crypto. A dedicated dashboard built for just crypto investments is available for all Users. Visit Dashboard

As a global investment and crypto exchange platform, we have all the general features a crypto exchange should have and an investment company should have. But one thing makes us stand out among individual competitors and other investment platforms, which is basically the rational division profits. Based on our company investment plans, we’ve decided to add all our investors to our earning streams based on some specific percentages within an allocated time frame. This pariticularly enables us and all our global investors to be part of the exchange trading and profit patterns. In a simple statement, what this essentially  means is that we share all trading profits, service fees, crypto income portfolio and other diversified streams of profits with our global investors. This is first of it’s kind. That is why we’re rare and unique, that is why we are called RARIONANCE ( meaning Good Division Of Rational Profits). Particularly and unlike other companies that release invested funds within a period of one year, We make sure that these profits are released to our investors Both Daily And Weekly, depending on the selected time frame of the investment plan. 


Some Key Ingredients Of Our Basic Components Arrangements

HD Website Portable Dashboards

Basic website pages and home is essentially built in desktop hd mode across devices, at the same time maintaining a high responsive webpages for the dashboards.

High Grade Server Setup

Sophisticated and good performing computer clusters and machines put together to main high efficiency and maximize profitability. Virtual Private Servers For all Bot Operations and activities

24/7 Active Online Support

Nothing is better for any company than having a good sustainable, reliable, highly efficient and responsive customer care support. And We’ve ensured 24/7 presence.

Advanced Profile Experienced Traders

A team of well selected, approved and verified traders are being employed for human and smart trading operations for users and investors portfolio management.


Our global partners, basic Api integrations and collaborations


Simplex licensed financial institution, empowers its vast network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard,


MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. Their on-and-off-ramp suite of products provides a seamless 


Mercuryo is a crypto infrastructure company” that aims to make blockchain useful for businesses via its robust payment system and compositions. 


WazirX is India’s Most Trusted Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange … Buy, Sell & Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more cryptocurrencies in India.


Ramp.network is a popular portal to Buy BTC, ETH and more in minutes. Integrate a global crypto onramp into your wallet, dApp or exchange.


Some Of The Popular Questions From Global Chats And Inquiry Forms.

You can claim profits at any time. our system is designed to automatically return both capital and profits at the end of each term, but you can claim profits at any time.

The investment plans is basically for our investors to continue earning shared profits, so this shows that you can keep joining the investors shared list for profits anytime you want. Meaning there are unlimited number of investments on each plan.

Yes, after successful deposits of interested amount. You can proceed to open multiple investment plans and earn on all of them simultaneously.

No, we don’t have any hidden fees.

The withdraw request will be processed after successful review of request activity and withdraw should be received within 0Days. That is less than24hrs.

After successful registration and login. From your account dashboard click on add funds, input amount, copy address and send funds. Once deposit is confirmed, go ahead and select an investment plan, and activate it.

There are many cryptocurrency available during deposits. Simply send the dollar($) equivalent of choice amount.

There are a list of selected networks available on your account dashboard. All those networks are fully optimized with our system for fast payment confirmation.

Users can deposit as low as $10 to unlimited amount. but investment starts $1000 mark.

If there is no delay on the part of the payment system, the money is credited instantly, once confirmed.

No. You can only open a new deposit in addition to the existing one.

According to the current terms of tariff plans, profit on investment deposits are credited daily, once every 24 hours, from the moment of opening the deposit, even on weekends and public holidays.

The first profit is credited exactly in 24 hours after opening the investment deposit.

Depending on the selected investment plan, the minimum profit on deposits is from 10% to 145% for the investment term of the deposit.

The investment period varies from 5 to 365 days, depending on the amount of your investment and seleted plan. Details are shown in the table on the page “Standard Investment Page”

Yes, the invested amount will be returned to the investor’s balance and available for withdrawal after the end of the deposit period.

Profit on deposits is accrued to the investor’s internal account, from where the client can withdraw it to his/her Wallet.

The minimum withdrawal amount is from $110 which means you’re expected to have made profits on your total deposits.

The number of requests is not regulated by the Rules. The user can make withdrawal requests every time, so far as the User’s account balance allow it.

Current exchange rates for depositing and withdrawing funds are located on the tab Dashboard in your account. Please also note that when executing transactions for replenishment and withdrawal of funds, the payment system may charge a commission.

Yes, our exchange crypto wallet can receive your cryptos, store it and still send out anytime you wish

extremely minimal crypto swaps and conversions fees, users and investors enjoy by using our exchange option.

Yes, simply head over to the buy/sell tab, then select any of our trusted partner integration and proceed to buy your coin.

As we oversee all transactions, peer to peer buy and sell order requests and confirmations are being monitored correctly to prevent fraud and misconducts.

For both experienced traders and beginners. You can place margin trades on Rarionance exchange by first visiting the tab from your menu dashboard, then select your currency pair. input amount and proceed to make trade choices. There’s availability of indicators and other tools  you can use for analysis

We do not charge any amount or percentage on your staked crypto. All Coins and percentages are returned to you 100%

Nope, we do not have airdrops participation for our crypto token.

BEP20 network. This is to enable and maintain very low cost of transaction fees.

Aside from our exchange our token would be rightly listed on other partner exchanges too. Our official wallet for crypto is Trustwallet.

Yes, users can easily swap our token with any other arbitrary token in the market, and vice versa.

As tends with all cryptos, prices and values fluctuate steadily. view on coinmarkepcap 

Once our token is out for public and investors ownership. All users and investors can rightly invest with our coin.

Yes, any registered user can participate in the affiliate program.

A unique affiliate link is generated in your account in the section. To copy it, you need to log in using your login and password.

Each registered participant receives a personal affiliate link. It can be placed on your web resource, social network page or you can it share with your friends, acquaintances and partners. We do not limit our partners in the methods of building the structure. At the same time, we have a negative attitude to spam mailings and highly ask you not to use them to attract new participants. In addition affiliate program, we provide attractive promotional materials in the form of banners, motivational pictures and unique promotional landing.

5%. The amount of affiliate reward depends on the Partner’s level and the invited participant’s line. In addition to the traditional Commission for a certain turnover of the structure, Rarionance partners receive annual bonus deposits, as well as additional remuneration for training new investors. 

No, first-level partners(users with no investments) can participate in the Affiliate program without an active deposit.

No, participation in the Affiliate Program is just an additional opportunity to make profit in Rarionance. Those who simply want to get passive income can limit themselves to opening a deposit.

Referral remuneration is accrued once for a certain amount of funds; when reinvesting the same or less amount, re-accrual does not occur. Provided that the amount of the deposit is increased at the time of reinvestment of funds, the referral fee is accrued only from “new funds” (the difference between the previous and new deposits).

Yes, cooperation with Rarionance is carried out only through the User’s Personal Account. Registration on the Site is free and as simple as possible. We do our best to ensure cooperation with our Company is comfortable for Clients.

You can open multiple investments, but multiple accounts is not allowed.  If an affiliated chain of accounts is detected, the Company reserves the right to block all user accounts without warning and the ability to withdraw funds.

Yes, the Company Rules establish mandatory confidentiality of clients’ personal data and their payment details. We use modern security systems.

To log into the system, the User must use login and password specified during the registration process, or use the data recovery link to log in.

To reset password use the corresponding form by clicking “Forgot your password?” on the authorization page

For everytime you want to make a withdrawal, there’s availability to input your choice wallet address to receive payments.

You can delete your account by yourself. simply head to the account settings tab. Then you can proceed to confirm account deletion.

First of all check the payment details you provided in the withdrawal request. If all the information in the application is correct, then draw in our customer support, Your question will be resolved as soon as possible.

Yes, we are fully registered and licensed for different financial activities across different entities, boards and geo zones, visit about us for more information on registration.

We have offices in all our registered locations, but our main company head quarter is in Jr House 236 Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Harrow, England, HA2 7HJ

We have over 10 solid income generation methods. All of which can be found in our “how we earn page”

Although all businesses and firms are prone to risks and different circumstances. We manage all the risks with good and sustainable management systems employed by our experts. This means in essence means that your investment is always safe with us.

User or investor must be up to the age of 18. Availability of minimum capital deposit for investment. That’s basically all you need as registration in the company is free.


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